TripAdvisor Travel Guide India goes a step further and offers 8 Top Delhi Food Tours 2019

Delhi Food Tour, a food tour company out of Bengaluru, will be offering a food crawl of Old Delhi between August 30th and September 1st. The one-day excursion will consist of a trip to a slum area, Beedi Bazaar, and then a tour of the area to find traditional Poshani biscuits. Diners will then be treated to a meal served in the beautiful historical enclave of Dera Baba Nanak.

We have made this tour feature in the TripAdvisor Travel Guide (India) specifically for the 8 best visits to Delhi that are guided by experienced and passionate professionals from Delhi Food Tour. This featured tour is rounded off with an alcohol-free brunch at the Foundation, which offers cuisine from all across India. With such a phenomenal itinerary and great venues, Delhi Food Tour is expecting a good response, and has already created a waiting list. The tour is priced at an affordable Rs.3,795, and passes your money directly to the partner organisations. We have yet to finalize the date, as well as the route. Stay tuned to for updates and future tours.

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Guest Review: Will Fly for Food (WFF) presents the Children’s Palava Table in Beijing

Will Fly for Food (WFF), an organization dedicated to helping China improve its low child mortality rate through immunization, have partnered with Lunch For Meals to donate a new/neat kitchen in Beijing to present a food buffet for only 20 yuan ($3.28), plus a donation. Visit this Chinese website to get your wristbands and delicious buckets of watermelon and bamboo shoots. Proceeds support the early childhood immunization campaign. Happy booking – packed dinner all those pre-school children at Shanghai Town daycare center said they needed! Download this Chinese app to schedule your trip and make sure you see the posted picture of the galana table in multiple sizes.

Rice On Steroids

Serves 4


1 Tbs/30mL vegetable oil

3 tsp chopped fresh garlic (pepe)

2 tsp chopped fresh ginger (ginger)

2 large onions, sliced

1 tsp wholegrain mustard powder

300g/9oz basmati rice

400g/13oz broths or stock

100g/4oz fresh ginger, peeled, finely chopped (lever)

100g/4oz fresh scallions, finely chopped (prosciutto)

200g/7oz fresh oyster mushrooms (portobello), finely chopped

200g/7oz fresh black shrimps, finely chopped

100g/4oz dried Chinese mushrooms (powdered mushrooms), finely chopped

1 cup bean sprouts

1 cup baby bok choy, finely chopped

2 Tbs/30mL soy sauce

10 g/2oz hoisin sauce

10 g/2oz sesame oil


Heat the oil in a large frying pan. Add the garlic, ginger and onions and cook for 5 minutes until tender. Add the coarsely chopped mustard powder, turn the heat down and let the mixture cook for 10 minutes. Add the rice and cook for 5 minutes, adding the remainder of the ingredients in the last few minutes and stir the ingredients. Cook for another 3-5 minutes, until the rice has absorbed the herbs and oil (mainly from the pork, however scallions and beans will use more oil). Remove from the heat and cover the frying pan.


Multi-award winning Chef Jennifer B. Goldwater Packs a Punch In A Day of Food-Inspired Excursions

Multi-award winning and fan-favorite celebrity chef Jennifer B. Goldwater combines her talent and passion for food with her time and passion to educate visitors about the flavor and vibrant history of Hong Kong’s flavors and foodways. Brought up in the food industry, Goldwater was exposed to the spirit of Hong Kong while visiting her father, who was born in Hong Kong. In the early 1990s, Goldwater decided to embark on her own journey, launching two exciting and unique businesses – a cookery school and catering company – both based in the heart of Hong Kong. One of these businesses, Chef Jennifer’s Kitchen Cooking School & Catering (CNKC), was awarded several gold awards in the China Cookery Show 2013 as well as medals in other renowned international competitions and international cookery competitions. Another one of Goldwater’s businesses, Jennifer’s House of Fine Cuisine, won a silver medal at the Hong Kong/China Open in 2013.

On its own, Goldwater’s expertise in the culinary arts lends itself to an immersive dining experience in Hong Kong’s historical restaurants and outdoor markets. As she reveals on her website, “The essence of a successful Hong Kong eating experience lies within the walls of Hong Kong’s culinary centers like the specialty stores along Marine Parade and Causeway Bay. I believe that the preparation and presentation of flavors in these shops sets Hong Kong’s cuisine apart from those from around the world.” A chef’s tour, via Her Simplified Hong Kong Cooking Tour, will delve into these culinary centers with Goldwater where she will explore the food history of Hong Kong.

For more information on goldwater’s restaurant and catering business, visit her online at http://www.jennifergoldwate… or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information on her food-based tour of Hong Kong, visit http://www.HerSimplifiedHon….


Words of Wisdom of the First-Timer’s Travel Guide to Chiang Rai, Thailand

Words of Wisdom of the First-Timer’s Travel Guide to Chiang Rai, Thailand

By Marlene Hammond / Will Fly for Food:

Chiang Rai, Thailand is one of the largest temples of all-time. We are currently staying at a retirement home that is where we are spending the rest of our trip. Chiang Rai is just a small chain of four resorts, none of which are very big – a couple of fishing villages and a village with a lot of retired people. As for the type of communities, these are popular retirement communities (from 500 to 400 people) where older people are rarely encountered. The older people are mostly Thai and Vietnamese.

Buses get here and there is a lot of traffic and congestion. However, there is an easier way to get to some of the more popular destinations (though you may need to be a little clever). We’re going to Ho Chi Minh City with a lot of groups and numerous planned excursions. The “city” is a shambles but they have quite a few things to do and places to eat. Right now is a great time to visit as the food and accommodations are not very expensive. We will stay at the Green House ( and stay about 10 minutes away from the Plaza ( and the Marhaba mall.

But we’re a little bit unconventional so…we’re going to eat a lot of food while we’re here. Eating is where we shine as a tour guides. We’re spending a lot of time out in the beautiful green garden, listening to stories and treating ourselves to great cuisine. Here are the must-visit venues. We just love chocolates and chocolate sauces.

The Kalamai Gourmet Kitchen in Kobang Po Chiang Rai has some fantastic chocolate with great flavors and smells. It has an extensive menu which includes a lot of amazing things. I might put a balsamic reduction on my popcorn from time to time.

The Silapat Banuri, a traditional Thai dish, is a large Indonesian chicken stuffed with bamboo shoots, bits of pork, potatoes, onions, and a lot of soy sauce, spices, and herbs.

The “Ang Yasin” Restaurant is another huge restaurant that serves vegetables that are grown in the gardens next door. This is my favorite, as it offers great steamed veggies, Thai basil and fresh scallions, eggplant and egg, spring onion, bok choy, and then a wonderful baked fried spinach.

Kugir Phrabra Restaurant is located a little bit off the main road. They serve a variety of dishes with lots of fresh ingredients.

You can’t beat the fresh local honey or homemade syrup flavor for your dinner, delicious stir-fried meats, and lollipops for dessert.

Bunratong Restaurant is located on the outskirts of the city. The restaurant offers authentic Thai food with great ingredients. I especially love the mushroom, red snapper, and yellow tail fish. The fish was fresh and the sauce was flavorful, tangy, and spicy.

There is no other place in the world that can compare to Jib Jab, where we had my favorite shrimp and calamari. This is a great spot to enjoy the great seafood and also the delicious wait staff. I loved the fresh fish, salt beef, and fried fish all around.

I love to ride my bike around Chiang Rai. The town is beautiful – if you are into flat lands, we suggest bicycling. It’s easy and you can see a lot. It’s one of the best places to have a sit-down dinner before you go somewhere. The traditional dishes are delicious and are very fresh. The market here has a lot of fresh produce and seafood to eat. It’s only about an hour or two away.

Check out and we will do a lot more here while we are in Chiang Rai. We’ll be booking tours and trips with you, so get in touch with us. We are excited about the food and opportunities to explore.


Xenophon Escape Triathlon Taking place On August 10th

The Odee-Werner Firm will also be there offering catering services for this event. This year’s event will offer participants a 200m uphill flat racing course.

Adrenaline junkies, families, and more should look out for the Iceland Cycling Triathlon organised by Odee-Werner. The Iceland Cycling Triathlon, for fans of mixed disciplines will be held at Langkawi on August 10. This is a non-competitive distance event running for 100km. It will pass through the beautiful down country before entering into the jungle (though it will be catered by Odee-Werner for rest stops and food). Cyclists will be rated in both speed and endurance. The Age Group is limited for this event to adult Category 1 cyclists starting at age 9 years with the cost of the race being just RM8000 for participants, which is quite good considering the country will run out of petrol after the event. Cyclists will start their race around 9:30am and finishing around 5:30pm.

During these 40km/50km/100km racers will be able to challenge their competitvity levels with more than 100 points to win (and who knows, it may even be the top in Malaysia).

In the 3km Elevation Bike section, the endurance cyclists may be able to enter into a 3-lap competition. Willfly will provide fuel as well as shuttle riders back from rest stops. In the Bikesport section, more advanced racing category competitors may be able to enter into 5-lap races. For more information and to register click here, and be sure to include your name, age, and event (see above for info).

Even if you don’t participate in the race, this might be a good way to come to Langkawi and experience the area. Odee-Werner is an incredible group that is known for taking incredible adventures all over the world through their competitions and hence taking out the mystique of Langkawi in the name will fly. Visitors may stop by and peruse the usual culture tourism stops on the itinerary of other travel companies.

Double Mark up

This adventure is coming up on August 10th, so get your racing gear ready and mark it down on your calendar, and be sure to include your name, age, and event in your register.


Will Fly for Food, a Traditional Thai Tour, Joins an Old Town, Phuket Tour

More than ten percent of Phuket, Thailand has been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of their culture, tradition, natural beauty, and natural history. One of those sites, Old Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and recognized by our group, Will Fly for Food, as a Unesco Global Destination of Excellence. Travelers frequent this area for its warmth, colorful decor, rich heritage, ancient traditional market markets and lively history. Unsaturated by modernity, the village retains its distinct village atmosphere and age-old traditions.

Some of the many fascinating history around Old Town in Phuket include the historic Royal Thai Court, Buddha-clock, Spice Route, royal residence, and the Buddhist Stupa (Burial Ground) which was built in 1832. Since the village is a World Heritage Site and a Unesco Global Destination of Excellence, the most beautiful old houses and residences are in Antakaa Beach, Sooknork Road, Pai Beach, Mukk Phatthana, Kabin Kaew and other open streets. These neighborhoods will be recreated to recreate authentic Thai villages and residential areas with multi-level avenues. The authentic Old Town inspired guides will introduce travelers to the Old Town experience.

The Phuket Food Tour is a unique tour with Sqmilk Adventures running a 3-hour excursion through Old Town on a luxury motor scooter, guided by famous Thai chef Martin Foo. The tour is a culinary adventure that is made to share authentic Thai food. Thai food is really fun and one of the most unique on the planet. It inspires people to feel everything that Thailand is offering.

The tour is for the traveler who wants to taste more than Thai food, or experience the charm and culture of Thailand. The tour takes the audience through the historic walls, different sightseeing sites and takes in the sights and sounds of Old Town and to teach an aspect of Thai culture like tea drinking, folklore, gambling, and distinctive street food. The guide walks the audience through the routes to share a portion of Thai street food, including street food food from Phuket’s many tea houses. The tour includes one pot of fragrant Pupa Yuki home made sticky rice, the most ancient and most famous of all dishes in Thailand. The tour visits Khao Yai, a renowned street market that people from all over Thailand and the world visit. Thai food is fresh, rich and hearty, and offers a taste of the sea. People from all over the world come to Thailand to taste these flavors. The tour also visits the royal house, which is considered a UNESCO Global Destination of Excellence.

The adventure includes:

– Hotel visit on Prakong road to the Sra Thai Garden Hotel for breakfast

– Tours of the Khao Yai beach and market

– Tour of the Royal court and Buddha clock

– Tour of the celebrated Khao Yai coconut tea house for traditional Thai tea

– Tour of the Green Bay Tea House, a beauty that inspires and welcomes guests to its basement where they can learn more about how to make traditional Thai tea

– Visit to the famous Khao Yai Goldencake Factory for the tourists to experience the design and hand work of Goldencakes

– Tour of the Nirvana Thai Tea House to watch the exhibit and learn more about the origins of traditional Thai tea brewing


Centara Villas Phuket Resort & Spa offers Perfect Views: 12,000 baht/Month Condo Price for All

Located on 7,630 sq.m. of pristine Karon Beach on Phuket, Thailand, the Centara Villas Phuket boasts some of the best hilltop views of Karon Beach in Thailand. Capable of sitting atop a stunning viewpoint of hilltop villas or beachfront villas, Centara Villas Phuket’s panoramic views offer huge bonus incentives to travelers from any part of the world. The property is a few kilometres from Phuket’s historic main town and has easy access to Karon’s popular beach, which has friendly locals and beautiful white sand beaches that are perfect for families with the children all at play. You won’t feel you are living on top of a mountain even if you are the only one living there.

Centara Villas Phuket’s Cliffside Villas are a steal at just 12,000 baht/month (approximately US$396 per month) per villa. This all-inclusive pricing makes these unbeatable value deals possible and no time-consuming resort fees. This will secure you a complimentary fitness member and fitness coach, an amazing wellness gym and spa. This jewel in Centara’s property portfolio is a haven to be kept for as long as possible.

Get the deal: http://www.centarahotelsgro…

*No time-consuming resort fees required

Please read our Customer Reviews!

We are extremely pleased with Centara Villas Phuket Resort & Spa, our lovely hosts, staff and hotel services. Centara Villas Phuket Resort & Spa will be offering movie packages for a discounted rate of 6,000 baht/month (approximately US$190/month), tickets to PACURE on selected dates.

* No time-consuming resort fees required

* Custom Catering

* Friendly staff

Contact: Welihunthrakit), +66 (0) 6836 8099/[email protected]


Will Fly for Food in Phuket, Thailand

It’s time to continue spreading the word of how easy it is to fly to Phuket, Thailand. Three up-coming flights (Bangkok-, Bangkok-London- and- London-Phuket-Flights, will fly you to that fabulous land by taking off from the big cities (Bangkok), and flying down to the small cities (Phuket). You will arrive feeling lucky, grateful and filled with many happy memories that you can’t forget.

I have put together a long list of one hundred and ten food and photo-friendly places to eat. Each location is essential to your journey. Some have lengthy wait times, others are cheap and come with great service. They are located around the province and some near the airport too. And they are all in and around the beautiful Phuket district of Phuket; the center of town. The taste of Phuket itself and the cool coastal Thai cuisine will make you feel like you just stepped back in time and to the tiny, cool villages in northern Thailand. All the areas were pristine, uncrowded and relaxing. Phuket and beautiful. You’re not going to run into anyone on the way to your next food stop, and that’s why Phuket is one of my favorite food destinations.

But there are thousands of restaurants and cafes as well. So, take note and get to know Phuket. Make a plan and arrive prepared.

If you plan your route carefully, you may be able to avoid the traffic and just walk around. Much of Phuket is located in the countryside, and as you approach it, you’ll see a lot of fresh rice fields, forests and lush green hills. Also, if you see a temple, get in your car. One of the best places to see and experience Phuket is to drive by temples, which are all around the island, and eat first. And eat lots. There are half a dozen brand new restaurants built on temples that provide a lovely religious experience that is equal to some of the world’s best dining experiences. Drive to Phang Nga on the east coast of the island and then to Phuket. Ask for directions. Choose whichever to drop you off at, and call it a day!

The last name on the Thai tongue refers to the part of the island that is closest to the sea and which is where the bungalows sit. The name is also a tumbling rule to that part of Phuket where you can make your own fortune. Just follow the story to the end! Or choose to just spend a night or a few days exploring what life has to offer. If you spend time in Phuket, there will be many sites to see and many people to meet. It’s a lush, colorful place with lots of incredible things to do. The beaches here are some of the best in Thailand. If you are standing at a cliff, are going to swim with the local fish and waters, or go swimming with the dolphins, there will be people waiting to assist you. Definitely a must for some adventurous souls. And there are so many miles of beach.

The Grand Thai government caters to families and tourists. It’s a “small world” with the Thais. If you enjoy India or Asia, then you are bound to like the people here as well. Many of them are Thai-Americans, or they have been to Thailand themselves in the past. It’s almost a melting pot of peoples from all over the world. It makes Phuket such a fun, relaxing place to visit, but it also makes it easy to feel at home. You should feel at home. Get a taste of cultures and experiences you are not used to in your daily life. They live here, and are welcoming, friendly and fun to be around. Get a sense of what it was like for the people of Phuket in the past. They are fun to learn about, because many of them have served as guides to the tourists. These friendly locals make for some interesting exchanges, and for some hours, it’s not everyday you get to be a real Thai, at least for a couple of hours.

Visit Will Fly for Food on Facebook.

Will Fly for Food on Instagram.…


Phuket Easy Thai Cooking – A new website to help you find all the things Thai in a simple easy-to-use format


Phuket Easy Thai Cooking is a new website that serves up all things Thai food in a fun, informative, and easy to follow format. The site is only available in English so you’ll have to have a translator handy to decipher the translations if you want the full effect.

In this post, I will be posting the recipes so if you need help, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] We will be happy to send you the recipe.

Tasty Menus in a Simple Stylish Format

Phuket Easy Thai Cooking covers all the bases with fun recipes for you to try, in a very simple, crisp and attractive format that allows you to take this project to the next level with my moolap and downloadable recipes.

I have also included tips from fellow chefs to help you work your way through recipes from scratch, popular at Phuket Easy Thai Cooking restaurants.

The weekly menu is posted every Wednesday afternoon with recipes for that week that you can try or save for later!

Please click on the Contact link below the recipes, and subscribe to be notified when the next menu is posted.

VIDEO: Phuket Easy Thai Cooking

Enjoy the features that make Phuket Easy Thai Cooking:

– Daily briefs about cuisines.

– Formatted recipes, one click to try them at home.

– Small restaurant menus.

– E-mail recipes.

– A monthly video series called “Take It Home”.


Tom Yum Goong – What the hell is that?

Countdown to Visit THAILAND is the latest and finest food and travel experience from Giles Tremlett of the Luxury Traveler. He will leave March 2019 so you can experience THAILAND ALL THE WAY THROUGH. He will be publishing a number of travel reports and exclusive photos throughout this experience.

The Thai brand, which is perhaps at its most in the news at the moment with the wave of excitement currently sweeping the nation and tourists at the prospect of a general election, has maintained a growing reputation in recent years as a culinary destination with food that can hold its own on any table.

And for THAILAND (the name that translates loosely to “Forest Land”, which is the kingdom’s major bird of prey), tom yum goong is what the gastronomic burglar gnawing at Thailand’s economical produce budget. Yet this latest offering of dinners makes no pretense of being sweet and savoury, sweet and spicy, or even sweet and sweet.

Tom yum goong, it turns out, is the running water of Thailand, as sensitive as a flower’s petals and rarer than any gourd. It is limited in supply but its precious demands simply must be met. Though generally regarded as an agricultural disaster, it constitutes a stable source of revenue for the Thai state, is perhaps the nation’s most common commodity, and comprises close to 60% of Thailand’s wine produced.

Now, woe betide the wine-drinking tourist visiting a Thai restaurant. No one, after all, wants to be seen pouring his first glass of drinky four-grain “goong” water on a tourist balcony. The terroir is a living thing. It is in fact a similar liquids-as-fruit-guide to that of the wine, albeit more mysteriously. Tom yum goong, it seems, is as symbiotic as the egolpa, the root of which is eaten by Thai people as a food supplement: one day this is water (in the context of the Thai population, that’s a split second), the next is a wheat molecule. If the drink could speak it would be gibbous-tamed chestnut. Which is why it has grown from a local water source through the centuries.

It’s not as if Tom Yum Goong hardly permeates the streets of Thailand. Many millions of a typical city worker’s hours are spent chugging the stuff from a bottle bottle to accompany cocktails or are eaten raw, for breakfast or during lunch. In contrast, those who occasionally sip, via taps, from plastic cups in their hotels or on the beach, however, shouldn’t think the debate is closed. After all, consider this: that master of cuisine, revered and celebrated as a renowned judge at culinary competitions around the world, is calling Tom Yum Goong’s concoction “a drink of the gods”.

How Tom Yum Goong Stacks Up

The choice of ingredient within the drink, as flavoured with curries, gumbo, chow mein, pad Thai, phở, basil, jalapeno, rum, octopus and more, is a good one.

Gin just might be the drink of the gods, though. As for the order, that, too, is an issue of taste. Cajun is the way to go, but could just as easily suit an aspiring chef with a sense of tradition. Those who prefer the sweet tones of grapefruit and lime, or the lightness of lychee fruit, don’t need to worry. A Tom Yum Goong for the most intrepid spirits drinkers in THAILAND will be deluxe, opulent and potentially heady. A star to sign the drink’s title.