Will Fly for Food and tradition

Never before in my four years working in this country have I encountered so many nice people at the same time. They may even be new to this new world, but they all seem like true-blue Davaoans. As you might have guessed, a lot of people are new to this part of the world from Indonesia and the Philippines, so I know how foreign to you their situation is. I may not speak the language, but I have been told that, even in the city, all I need to do is pretend to understand or I should just walk up to them. And even if that doesn’t work, just buy a paday ka Panganay at Nan Nan, ask for any salad you like, and even the annoying crosswalk will go away.

So, if you don’t speak English and you’re looking for a friend to go to the races with, or somewhere to chill out at the end of the day, then you’ll be happy to know you can also join the ranks of the new Davaoans by booking a ride with Will Fly for Food. You may have heard of Will Fly or Will Air, as they have a fleet of Boeings at their disposal.

You can also book this same plane ticket if you’re trying to go to some hot part of the world, like Paris or Moscow, where air travel is expensive and not as convenient as you’d like. You can stay back in Davao if you like and don’t want to travel too far. A ticket on Will Fly for Food will cost you a mere P5,000, which includes all food, drink, and even hotel accommodation.

I think it’s worth it to try this unusual idea just for that refreshing feeling of travel that can seem like a rare luxury in today’s hotel industry. And if you can’t even afford to try this concept, check out another great local bus service like Out Booked, a co-op effort made up of many Davaoans who get together to sell buses on ebay for just a small fee. And if you just don’t know where to go, our emerging list of travel bloggers are actually down to give you more suggestions.

We wish you well!

With the Year of the Pig behind us, we are already gearing up for the Year of the Unicorn. We are also preparing for this year’s Callahan Festival next month. If you would like to get your rhino horn from a student, make your queries at the Davao State Rhino Sanctuary, which takes at least a week for any construction or security-related process. We have horn lamps, rhino lamps, rhino roses, the familiar rhino sign, rhino stickers, and much more rhino gear. There are also many shopkeepers who specialize in rhino horns and accessories on facebook. Check them out.

I hope you enjoyed Will Fly for Food and our new magical shopping experience. It was indeed a great trip for all of us, and we wish to extend our apologies for the travel-related confusion on this recent trip. Hope that will be fixed soon.

Best wishes from the people of Davao.


Tip for hikers in Hualien: great hiking, eating, nature, nature, nature

Travel with me to a Taipei Island off Taiwan to explore Hualien’s most popular attractions. Photos by Will Findley.


Have you read it? The book Li Ching-lian says Hualien is “the city of the Zhejiang rainforest and the Peking opera.” Those who read the other things she wrote in her fantastic series should know that Hualien is the Taipei district closest to Zhejiang rainforest. Li said: “and…it is the place with the most beautiful scenery.”

Huaiwei is nearly a thousand days on from Hualien’s center. So what has happened to two weeks and plenty of rain? Hualien retains its deserted feel. Some years ago, it was designated a cultural hotspot by UNESCO. Last year, the Mainland Chinese Business Federation placed Hualien among the Top 10 districts with unrivaled Chinese food.

Going to Hualien used to be hard because getting there by bus was difficult, and once you were on the road you had to know what time to get there or it wasn’t safe. No longer. The number of buses ran both Monday through Friday and were fully booked each morning at the bus stop. You can also easily get off the bus at another stop or at the Dibei Terminal of Central Line 4.

With all this stuff to discover, you should be prepared for the somewhat abrupt stop, the unrenovated station, and some of the most peculiar walls in the region. Everywhere you go are the reminders of anti-government protests after Taiwan’s Grand Canal (MD) was formed in 1939. In 1949 the area was occupied by the Kuomintang (KMT) government, and the “Jailing Your Neighbor” buildings and monuments that dot the landscape became a symbol of the student-led protests.

After the protests in 1949, bad ideas went in: a 600-year-old monastery was built; a government barracks; and a statue of a man dressed in the KMT’s red uniform as he prepared to kill the Chairman. Then in 1976, following years of tumultuous economic boom, a group of businessmen added private condos, small shopping centers, and a football stadium. Today’s Hualien looks like a building on steroids.

The Civic Center Building was occupied until 2007 by Taiwanese president Chen Shui-bian and then by his successor, Ma Ying-jeou. An abandoned courthouse was turned into a state-owned bank, and then what was then the opera house was converted into a hotel. Today’s single-story buildings look as if they were put on the market, asking a fortune to buy them.

Which streets I’m going to visit? First stop is my favorite, the Street of Classic Houses. First mentioned in this article back in 2015, this road is not so much a street as it is an eight-block chain of residential buildings. The avenue is lined with two- and three-story houses both traditional and contemporary, small with small windows, and tall with big windows. Trains ride along the houses, and dogs drink in the sidewalk cafes at midnight. So many streets are traveled on this one that they are like destinations.

Because of the communists’ military presence, Hualien has a large number of them: military housing, townhouses, government residences, and even a former military headquarters. Meanwhile, the Hualien Heroes Market was recently handed over to the Hualien city government. Not a local Chinese festival attraction, it served as the destination for tours to the important Chinese and Taiwanese military personalities. China’s aging aging President Xi Jinping and newly elected president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, are both patrons of the market. With the support of China, Tsai Ing-wen was even proclaimed a “One China” leader and, in 2014, both Xi and Tsai were granted military honors for the Heroes Market.

The second stop is the Chinatown district, which used to have a much bigger following. The churches in the area are iconic, and Hualien is called the “Christy of China.”

Fun Fact: Although there are plenty of pretzels and hot dogs in Hualien, most of them end up on the garbage heap. Trucks leave piles of full hot dogs and sauce at every parking lot in town.

Go the next time

If you’re not visiting Hualien for the first time, it’s perfect for winter. Find out why…


In Taiwan, Technology And Travel…

When we checked in to our hotel in Jiufen, Taiwan, we were greeted with hearty language barriers. It took us a bit to wrap our minds around why the mayor of an American city still speaks a language so foreign to a considerable portion of its inhabitants. We were impressed by the shared Chinese language and cultural importance of the 5 cities that make up Taiwan: Taipei, Tainan, Hualien, Yilan and Jiufen. You can drive from Jiufen to Shifen in 60 minutes or less and you can walk from Shifen to Jingwei in 4.5 hours.

Jiufen and Shifen are two different cities in the same region and walkers have the chance to find little treasures the pedestrians don’t have time to find. Jiufen is one of Taiwan’s top tourist destinations and Shifen’s a little further away. Both include a daily variety of dishes available from late morning to late evening. An array of international and domestic airlines carry out introductory specials for domestic flights to these cities. You might find yourself traveling over an hour via buses for airport pickup, but you’ll likely find a buck that hasn’t yet been spent on transportation.

A typical route at Jiufen is to stay at the Fujian Star Hotel, which has round-the-clock English interpretation. Shifen, however, is easily found and has more pedestrian-friendly attractions. The visitor enters through a gate off the route from I-9 and is immediately taken through traditional streets that begin in front of the Cultural Center and lead to the gorgeous Nanshan Temple.

Also on the route is the residence of the imperial delegation of Cao Bao-lin, which is built in the Ming Dynasty style and exudes happiness and luxury.

Just around the corner from the temple is Henzhong College, where you can view some of the most extensive indoor gardens in the world in contrast to the buildings of the city. A potted plant on display exemplifies the beautiful contemporary buildings across Taiwan.

Nearby by Jinlu is a large park and thoroughfare that leads to a great number of shops selling everything from T-shirts to books on Taiwan culture. Afterwards, a tour of the many stores in the Jinlu neighbourhood is a must.

Restaurants in both cities are equally impressive. Shifen’s known for its delicate plum duck, while Jiufen’s extensive street cuisine is well worth a visit.

Taiwan is a beautiful island with more than 300 islands on its main island of Taiwan. Visitors can go swimming or snorkelling in the aquamarine gulf or sand dunes near some of the islands in the Taiwan Sea. There are countless activities on the island to keep the visitor engaged: go for a hike, go to the Taipei Zoo, visit the ancient city of Lantau, or go shopping in Taipei.

Travellers intending to travel to Taiwan shouldn’t be afraid to ask a local for advice on where to explore and find hidden gems. Ultimately, it is up to the visitor to decide which region to visit. For us, we decided to take the longer route and enjoy Shifen first. The destination visit was more enjoyable because of the time we took to make the journey.

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South Wing Attraction with Fantastic Holiday Decoration and Characters

Now open: South Wing Attraction with Fantastic Holiday Decoration and Characters

Tokyo, Japan – Adults and children of all ages will enjoy the magic of the holiday season in Universal Studios Japan™ with its newest attraction: South Wing, featuring a ginormous Moon Tree filled with colorful, sparkling, magical ornaments, characters and fun. Now open, South Wing includes a 600-square-meter haunted forest, winter-themed live shows and uniquely themed food.

Open now:

South Wing (in Universal Japan Tower)

400-floor, 430-foot-tall, 480-foot-wide Universal Studios Japan Tower

South Wing

To download the app click here

What is South Wing?

South Wing is a 660-square-meter attraction that offers a unique ambiance, featuring interactive LED wall screens that convey extraordinary stories like “The Secret of the Moon Tree” – where elves wait to be asked to deliver an iconic wish to the Queen of Tears and the Heart of the Moon – along with relaxing, sculptural experiences and oversized whimsical characters and cartoon castles in the form of a giant Moon Tree, fairy floss and other seasonal holiday decorations. Disney Studios’ animatronic artworks provide a soothing atmosphere, along with warm and welcoming stores with 20,000 hand-crafted decorations, decorations and a live holiday show, “Fairy Power.”

The entertainment and attraction experience also features a massive outdoor winter forest created out of 50,000 hand-picked artificial trees, benches, ramps and seating. The new attraction captures one of Japan’s most cherished holiday traditions – the Japanese tradition of making a wish to wish for good fortune that the wishing tree and its characters will deliver throughout the year.

South Wing will also celebrate Mexico’s culture during its two-year U.S. premiere and provide families with trips down memory lane with best-selling anime and video game characters from popular franchises like Neon Genesis Evangelion, anime stars, wizards, superheroes and more – and also hosting special holiday themed activities such as raffle drawings of special sweet treats and fun holiday travel giveaways.

Fun for all!

South Wing will be open every day at 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. until the night of December 22, 2019. To download the app click here

What is Disney Theme Park: South Wing’s Attraction Fulfillment Service?

Additionally, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy Disney Theme Park at South Wing, the destination’s immersive entertainment and attraction experiences featuring stories that were first told to me by my mom and dad.

Come experience our themed World in a way you never have before!

Thanks to Universal Studios Japan Japan!

More information on Florida licensees:

Regal Cinemas

For entertainment at Universal Orlando Resort, and more, please visit:

Regal Cinemas

Bathgate International Cinemas

AMC Publix Theaters

Dolphin Marine World

Regal Cinemas Universal Studios

Mission Popcorn Popcorn Co.

Disney Media Distribution Group

And even more details at:


Gaggan at The Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Gala Ceremony with Gaggan Anand

From Google India: Gaggan in Bangkok: A Chef’s Table Perfomance at “Asia’s Best Restaurant” is a culinary masterclass with Gaggan Anand, India’s acclaimed chef. Since its opening in 2015, Gaggan has racked up numerous accolades, including Food & Wine’s 2nd Best New Restaurant in the US. It is also named on several “World’s 100 Best Restaurants” lists for the past two years, including 2018 and 2017. The Gaggan Perfomance at The Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Gala Ceremony will be broadcast live to fans and followers around the world through Google+ Live.

Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai India

Gaggan opened its first standalone restaurant in 2013 in Bangkok’s Khao San Road street-side restaurant row of almost 200 restaurants. It is an understated, cool space that is also steeped in history, with brick cutouts depicting old Thai temples. The colourful bar lining the length of the room inspires its mix of tapas and snacks, the dishes all starting from $8.

The big selling point for many in Bangkok is the restaurant’s portion sizes. This may explain the immense lines that pile up outside the restaurant around opening times. While it’s possible that the perfect portions are matched by the restaurant’s desire to always serve the largest possible dishes, it has meant some of the more ambitious dishes — which are on offer for the full price of an entire meal — can leave diners gobsmacked.

There are no velvet ropes at the entrance, but that doesn’t mean Gaggan doesn’t still serve many of the same items. For example, what is known as the “Himalayan Gizzard” (£6), served in a kalarua clay pot, looks like a mushroom but is actually tiny (an inch or two long). The ingredients, which include tulsi, ginger, dried chillies and turmeric, are all sourced from local neighbours and are flavourful enough to have me returning for this dish, even if the dining room is a little lacking in patrons.

Perhaps the best dish from the auspicious special menu is the Chilli Churtle Rice, a fitting tribute to the Dead Sea. This rice is studded with dehydrated chillies, dried chillies, fish and dried fish and curries and coriander leaves, which makes for a strong chili kick.

Meals end with a desert tasting for £11 each. This adds to the many tastes and flavours of the meal, including two desserts which are home made: one is a liquid blend of lemongrass, salt and vinegar. The other, as in recipes at most restaurant kitchens, is sugar-coated with a little lemon and given a brown-sugar finish with the aid of stir fry.

But what’s really happened in Gaggan’s kitchen since it opened two years ago? Go look.

For a full menu visit:

About Food Fusion Forums

Food Fusion Forums are a series of conferences that bring together pioneers and innovators in the culinary world to discuss new products, trends and latest food ideas. Designed to equip those who attend with the knowledge to launch into successful futures in the culinary industry, the “Food Fusion Forums have continuously evolved since 2005, incorporating workshops, seminars, guest speakers, dinners, late night mixers, competitions and Q&A sessions.”

Food Fusion Forums is a collaboration between Giorgio Chinatti of Gianni Chinatti Consulting, Chef Olivia Nguyen, Hot Bread Kitchen and Pino Galasso of Mamasita.

About Google India


Hanoi Cooks: A Real Tour

Hanoi is one of the most developed cities in Asia, and the food scene is growing with its hương Ngàc Van Market, which spans six blocks and is home to some of the finest street food vendors in all of Vietnam. Some of the best street eats in Hanoi are grilled small animals that are grilled with charcoal. From the street vendor to the restaurant, grilled animals are savory succulent pieces of meat and vegetables. Locals love the dish called bun cha (grilled beef filet). This item is usually served on a bun with sweet and sour sauces, stinky tofu, and fiery sauce.

Not all charcoal grilled meats are created equal. Thinloins have a buttery interior and other meats have a crumbly texture. Another interesting offering is spiced gizzards. Carnivores needn’t look too hard for a table of the choicest grilled meats.

From dim sum to hot pots to a selection of fresh seafood, restaurants offer a lot of delicious Vietnamese food. While the dishes may be more similar to street food, the food is often more exciting and delicious than from the average diner’s table. Sides and drinks are also always a delight to use.

Tours are always a great idea, because they give your guests a chance to try dozens of different dishes at different restaurants. Also, your guests get to see how the chefs make the best Vietnamese foods. This tour is a great way to bring everyone together, especially if you have a group of seniors.

Tour Group for 2:

7 days (+13 hours round trip train)

Reservations: DETAILS For bookings & more information visit

An additional tour is for adults 18 years and older. It focuses on the city’s hotels, markets, markets, and markets.

When to book:

Visit, Weekend Destinations

Be sure to make reservations ahead of time, because the holiday season is starting now. Keep in mind that you may need to make reservations by November 19 for many events.


10 Isan Thai Foods: Spicy Bangkok Kitchen

West Elm Table

10 Isan Thai Foods is known for authentic Thai cuisine and the local design aesthetic

You are sure to enjoy 10 Isan Thai Foods – the adorable shop located at 100 Ratchaprasong Road, Bangkok. Here is where you can find the out-of-the-ordinary authentic Thai cuisine and splurge on the Global edition printed at local Thai shops like this one and much more. After all, Bangkok seems like the ultimate place to go full throttle with a Thai friends, so it is no wonder that so many Europeans hail from here. In order to achieve this relaxed, serene ambiance, 10 Isan Thai Foods uses antique furniture in various items. This adds to its luxurious flair. Ten Isan Thai Foods is known for the authentic Thai cuisine. Their selection of Stained Glass counters in clean white paint, oversized beige chairs, even utensils are imported from Thailand to represent a traditional Thai look. Western speakers may find the conversation here a bit wooden due to some finger strokes during the presentation of dishes.

Each of their more than 100 items rotate daily, adding variety. They sell Thai craft items, hats, jewelry, T-shirts, even photo prints of street artists. All the merchandising features fabric, often like paper, many of which are used for table decor and different items in 10 Isan Thai Foods. As you explore 10 Isan Thai Foods, enjoy a soothing Bangkok experience where the brand said, “The effort we make here is very transparent. Every day we try to make it better.” Tastefully crafted and assembled here at 100 Ratchaprasong Road, Bangkok. For more information call Thailand 538-2883 or visit

10 Isan Thai Foods


P.S. If you don’t mix the tamarind puree, the right people may

Originally published on Will Fly for Food…

Buying food, food and more food from Thailand brings me back to when I lived in Bangkok and lived for some of the happiest times of my life.

Thailand has a taste for spicy food, or chirpy food if you want to be charitable, and to most Americans, we are a puritanical lot. Thai-Americans cherish their spicy food and we do not really get it here in Thailand.

However, if you study or eat Thai food, you will see that the spice of Thai cooking is similar to that of Indian and Portuguese cooking. It isn’t too hot, but too strong in spots. The spiciness can depend on the amount of herbs and spices used and the way you season your food. For example, the spice of Pad Thai is many different things – red chilli, Sriracha and tamarind juice. Heat, unless you rub it into your food, doesn’t penetrate inside your mouth.

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Pad Thai (also called Pla Mop or Scudamore’s Hot Pan Curries)


Dry Broth

4 cups vegetable broth

2 tbsp rice vinegar

1 tbsp curry powder

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp honey

1/2 tbsp ground coriander

1/2 tbsp brown sugar

3 curry leaves, thinly sliced

Chopped green onions, chopped

Chopped fresh mint, chopped

1 dried red chili, slit lengthwise

1/2 lime, juiced

1 tbsp fish sauce

2 cloves garlic, chopped

12 dried red chilies, mashed

1 large shrimp, peeled and deveined

2 medium eggs, whites only

Fresh basil, fresh coriander leaves

12 pitted peanuts, chopped

3/4 cup bean sprouts

1 red bell pepper, sliced into thin strips

Green onion, sliced thinly

Hot Mixture

8 small dried red chilies, mashed

1/2 small garlic clove, mashed

3/4 lime, juiced

1 tbsp fish sauce

1 tbsp coconut cream

1 tsp tamarind

1 tsp chili paste

6 whole green chilies, sliced

1 small yellow onion, diced

1 small shallot, diced

2 large garlic cloves, thinly sliced

20 seedless watermelon radishes, sliced into thin strips

1 red pepper, thinly sliced

1 red onion, thinly sliced

15 pineapple slices, cut in half

Green Onion

2 medium basil leaves, torn

2 medium coriander leaves, torn

2 green onions, thinly sliced

Sprinkling of cracked black pepper


To make the dry broth, combine the water, rice vinegar, curry powder, soy sauce, honey, ground coriander, brown sugar, curry leaves, chopped green onions, dried red chilies, lime juice, fish sauce, mashed garlic, shredded green onion, crushed red chilies, finely diced dried red chilies, crispy garlic cloves, coconut cream, tamarind, chicken stock or dry stock and salt to taste. Add crushed red chilies to taste. Simmer about 20 minutes until reduced by half. Heat up the tamarind pulp to a boil, add to the broth. Reduce heat to medium low, simmer about 10 minutes, pureeing a few spoonfuls in a blender. Puree in a food processor or in a blender, until smooth. Use in your Pad Thai. Use just one batch to make one Pad Thai.

Make the hot mixture by combining the dried red chilies, garlic clove, lime juice, fish sauce, coconut cream, chili paste, dried red chilies, minced green onion, diced shallot, chopped green onion, cabbage, watermelon radishes, julienned red bell pepper, green onion, pineapple slices, chopped red onion and thin slices of red onion. Simmer for about 10 minutes. The puree and liquid make a thick sauce. If you don’t use the bottle of tamarind puree, simmer it in a blender or food processor until smooth, about three minutes.

When making Pad Thai, the dish may vary slightly depending on the herbs that you use, so check it out when you buy. Use one batch of sauce to make one Pad Thai. The sauce will be thick but keep in the fridge up to two days to thicken the sauce for next time.

Make the hot mixture by combining dried red chilies, crushed garlic clove, lime juice, fish sauce, coconut cream, chili paste, minced green onion, seasoned shrimp, ground coriander, mint


Top 7 places to try Thai food in Krabi, Thailand

With a total population of 6.7 million, Krabi has been charming tourists for almost a century. With a strong hospitality and hospitality industry, Krabi is a popular tourist destination for gastronomy. You can find delicious homemade meals in many stalls and hawkers in the street corners.

Here are the top 7 places to try Thai food in Krabi, Thailand. Take the time to try more of them later.

7. Tsambak Pao

Tsambak Pao is a classic Kampuchea Khek food stalls located in Bangtang Road, Tha Nam Bo, Makawan Wat. Situated at a corner, this is located along a marketplace with other tourist attractions. A few stalls sell vegetables, fresh fish, grilled and soaked fish, and sweet snacks. Tsambak Pao sells various types of sticky rice and is very popular. If you like spicy food, you may have a chicken curry with a good amount of spices. The biggest sell of TSB is their homemade peanut curry. You can order it slow cooked, or hot and spiced. This dishes is great because the spices and chicken are cooked so slowly and thoroughly that it is richly fragrant.

The noodle soup is equally good, featuring different ways of flavored noodles. The soup is easy to eat, while the noodle wrappers are very thin, and easily coated in the soup. Each noodle wrapper is dipped in the soup before eating. It is a popular lunch spot in the Koh Hua area.

6. Wongamuk Road

Situated in Bangtang, this place is one of the most famous bowls of noodles in Thailand. They are everywhere you look. You can stop here to eat various kinds of salads, rice, and dumplings. They usually have three types of desserts: Choom Le Raj, Wichai, and Thum Sum. The latter is rich with honey and seasonal fruit. The Choom Le Raj is delicious and spicy. The chow mein is refreshing, while the fortune cookies are sweet.

5. Chop Suey or Cuisine of Chao Praya

Located in Naengrueng Road near Resort Klang, Jomtien Beach, this place has been serving traditional Thai food since 1928. Among other local favorites, they offer noodle soup and typical Thai dishes from the northeastern region. All noodles are made from marinated rice flour, grilled shrimp, green chillies, and boiled chicken. The food comes in patties, rice paper parcels, and pancakes. The fried rice is soaked for more than 3 hours in coconut water and milk. The offerings of the Special K are just like a variety of their specialty Khao Wai, Khao Boras, Khao Mee, etc. The items start with the fried rice and are followed by the noodles, noodle rolls, and coconut doughnuts.

4. Duang-Chai Luu-Chai Luu

Located at the Khmoo Thai restaurant in Pattaya, this place serves Chinese dishes and other traditional Thai dishes. Burmese beef, lamb, chicken, egg, peanuts, bean sprouts, slivers of red chili pepper, and finger food are sold on various dishes at this restaurant. Fish soup is a popular dish here. You can find other Thai dishes like fried rice and khok. The ingredients and servings are reasonably priced. Chai Luu-Chai Luu has an excellent location at the junction of Nong Thai Khanong and Nong Luang Road, and parking is also available.

3. Nittah Onsho

This is a pedestrian zone without car parking on the Town Square in Ao Nang area. This place is small, but convenient to get around town, and has two dishes on the menu: curry and seafood dishes. Curry is very cold (day or night) to eat. It consists of chicken curry, fried egg, bamboo shoots, eggplant, and green vegetables. The dishes come in round and rectangular containers, and are placed between your hands. Nittah onsho serves several kinds of tea and coffee.

2. Hot Spring Tha Nam

Sometime during the week, this coffee shop is located next to the Tha Nam Bridge in Tak Yao region, about two hours from Bangkok. It is close to the Katong Airport. Hot Spring Tha Nam offers simple and fresh home style Thai meals, like stir-fried seafood, fish, squid, and pork, various noodle and vegetable dishes, and rice. For more information, visit…

1. Thai Chaluang

This place is located in Sa Sa Road, along the beach. Thai Chaluang is famous for the wide variety of Thai meals on their menu. It has many unique dishes


How to plan a Food Journey for an Instagram Story

From the Hospitality Sites, Will Travel for Food will take over your food journey. Capture the details of the scene on your camera so you can remember the perfect flavour combinations.

Travelling around the world is not just about buying food to go. In today’s world, good food can be found by following a few of the following techniques.

Support your photos by actually tasting the food. This is great for getting a great sense of taste.

You can also add a few words to help things along.

Sample meals before ordering to help you decide if it is good.

Consider the natural ingredients in the food such as spices, herbs, and even fresh seafood.

Wear comfortable clothes that will protect you from the stress of travelling, be it flying or walking around the city.

To get the most of your trip, you can pack a bag with a few extra bags to carry around from restaurant to restaurant.

You can also consider to incorporate some pictures in your speech. Some anecdotes can go a long way in improving your speech, especially if you want to speak at a business conference. So, think about these ideas when planning your food journey.